Thursday, September 04, 2014

Amber nectar

Well as Harry Enfield's character used to say, "You didn't want to do that".

It started simply enough. Ocado delivered the groceries. The Silver Vixen started to put them away. Among the goods stood two four-packs of Fosters held in their cluster by plastic collars. She snipped the collar to separate them an then started to peel the collars from each tin. Time consuming, but up to this point successful. The Gorse Fox decided to help and grabbed a can. Freeing his trusty Swiss Army knife from his pocket he went slit the plastic collar.

Mistake. The knife penetrated the side of the can. The can exploded, splitting from top to bottom an spraying 440ml of Amber nectar all over the Gorse Fox, the kitchen unit, the floor, the ceiling, and two walls across the other side of the kitchen.

Several bowls of clean water, a sponge, and roll of kitchen roll later the problem has been retrieved and the mess cleared up.


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a bad man said...

Most people crack a bottle of Champagne to launch a new vessel.
Best wishes in the new house.