Sunday, August 03, 2014

Very quiet Sunday

The Silver Vixen had some sewing preparation to do, and the Gorse Fox had nothing specific on the agenda. The SV disappeared up to her craft-room, and the Gorse Fox spent some time in the study.

GF had a book on the go. This has been ignored for the past month, so he plugged in his earphones and spent the afternoon finishing "Th Flood" by David Hewson. As he had his earphones in place he was able to get on with other things. A nice piece of gammon was simmered in Coca Cola, onion slices, cloves, and red peppercorns. After a couple of hours it was set aside to cool. Then it was roasted slowly at 150C for an hour whilst being basted in honey every 15 minutes. Hugely successful.

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