Friday, August 08, 2014


You may not associate good service with the Civil Service. Whilst it does, indeed, provide shelter for the indolent and talentless - it also has many brilliant, hard-working,and dedicated individuals. (Gorse Fox has mentioned before that he worked with one Government Agency which had offices around the country - and many of those offices had a 30% absentee rate).

Today GF phoned the DWP. He decided that with the recently announced changes to the State Pension and various rules about contracted-in or contracted-out pensions, GF decided that the best way to be sure of what he will be entitled to receive was to ask. Afetr a long wait a very nice lady finally took the call, asked all the relevant questions and promised that she would look into it, calculate GF's entitlement and call him back on 26th August between 12:00 and 14:00. Apparently, the computer systems have not yet been written to provide printed estimates - hence the manual calculations and return phone calls.

On a different subject - Gorse Fox got a call from the car dealership. It seems that GF's new car is scheduled to be built on 18th August and will be in the dealership at the end of the first week in September.

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