Friday, August 29, 2014


The Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen arrived at the Sales Office. A plaque greeted us, welcoming us to the development and we were presented with a bottle of bubbly and a bunch of flowers. Photos were taken and we were handed the keys and taken to the house.

More photos were taken and then we finally crossed the threshold.

We started to shuttle stuff into the house from the car. After all, we needed to be able to make tea even if we couldn’t do much else.

The Gorse Fox set up a Raspberry Pi at the study window to start taking photos of the view and how it changes over time. Then the name plaque for the house was fixed before the Gorse Fox started on the garage.

A gentle sweep (so as not to raise to much dust) and then the floor-sealer was put on with a roller. Gorse Fox was surprised at how far it spread and found that he had only used about half of what he had expected. It takes several hours to dry, so he will consider whether to put on a second coat before painting the floor over the weekend.

Meanwhile the Silver Vixen had been sorting out the kitchen and measuring up the “blinds in a box” that we intend to use at first. These are paper blinds that affix to the window-frame and provide a temporary solution until we have decided what our longer term window dressings will be.

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