Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pillar to Post

Well more like Pillock to Phone.

The Gorse Fox got back on to BT - given that we were assured everything was now set up. He's glad the contact number is freephone - as it took 75 minutes during which he was passed from pillock to another - without any warning he was being transferred - and in most cases without the new person being briefed as to why they had been put in the hot seat.

It was particularly concerning at one point to hear there was an order against our account to transfer the services to a postal code GF had never heard of! In the end a very efficient lady took control of the call and eventually everything got sorted. Unfortunately this will mean that we get a new phone number - but at least we will have one.

Transfer of the Broadband isn't quite so straightforward. That cannot be arranged as this is a brand new service and it is not until the phone has been active for a few days that they can assess the suitability of the line for Broadband - so looks like GF and the SV will be relying on 3G when they first move in.

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Patrick Cox said...

Ah, the efficiency of the electronic age ...

You have my sympathies, GF, this is not an auspicious start - but one can but live in hope of an improvement at some point!