Thursday, August 14, 2014

Odds, Ends, and Openings

Not too exciting so far - mainly odds and ends.

A late brunch was followed by a trip to the DIY store where GF picked up some new hoses for the washing machine (just in case the old ones had perished whilst not in use). Whilst there, using his healthy Starfleet discount voucher, he was offered a card that could give a further 10% off on Wednesdays - him being over 60. Obviously, it took a lot of convincing that he was indeed eligible, but eventually he left clutching the card.

Then we headed for Chi to complete a few more items before enjoying a coffee and cake at John Lewis's and heading home.

After a quiet hour we are preparing to head out for the Grand Opening of the phase of development (called Sonning Place) that incorporates our new house. Should be fun, and may meet some of our new neighbours.

(PS. GF notices BT have already slipped their appointment, to connect the services to the new house, by seven days).

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