Monday, August 04, 2014

More Admin

It is frustrating that the GF cannot get more done, but so many things are dependent on the post code file - the master might have been updated but until that rolls out to the online service and PAF clients, GF is picking his way through the tasks that can be completed. In doing this, he has discovered another insurance policy that could be cancelled. There is little point insuring an appliance that we no longer have!

He also spent some time on the phone to HMRC. It appears that whilst they have recently changed his tax code - they sent the notification to Starfleet instead of Starfleet's Pension Trust. As a result GF is still on the wrong tax code. This, in its own right triggered some questions regarding the Silver Vixen's accounts and the benefit of an HMRC R85 which stops tax being deducted from the accounts of non-tax payers. Talking of accounts - Santander seem to have a very good deal with the 1-2-3 account which pays interest and gives cash back on a number of regular expenditures. Looks like a very good deal, so we have made an appointment to go to Chi and open said account.

Again GF's attention wandered. He started to look at the cost of energy. The new house is likely to be more efficient than this one. But by judicious account switching, GF can already see nearly £300 - £400 of savings annually - based on current consumption.

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