Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The Gorse Fox was pleased to make contact with Cousteau-cub yesterday - only to find out that they had been burgled twice in the last week and lost a laptop, the Nexus 7 we bought her, and one of their motor bikes.

Apparently this happens when there has been a poor low-season. Indeed C-c said it had happened to most of her friends over the years - so she had been lucky up until now.

The Gorse Fox finds such behaviour morally repugnant and cannot conceive of what makes people prey on others likes this. He has sent C-c a link which may help her locate the Nexus and if not, may at least lock and erase it.


Anonymous said...

Let's think about this shall we …perhaps poverty combined with a perception of Western wealth have something to do with it. I am not condoning theft but I am pretty sure that you are perceived as CC's insurance policy and this is regarded as a victimless crime. After all it will be far easier for Cc to get a new laptop than a local.

I'm sort of guessing you won't be publishing this one.

The Gorse Fox said...

Why wouldn't the Gorse Fox publish?

He has no problem with other peoples views, but he draws the line at bad language or nastiness because he has some very young cousins who read this.

And in response - Cc and her partner work from five or six in the morning until ten at night. It may sound like an idyllic existence, but it's very hard work. They have worked hard to afford what they have. Whatever the excuse, it is disrespectful of the effort they have made to have these things. (Except the Nexus, which GF gave as a birthday present).