Saturday, August 09, 2014

Just a few bits and bobs

The Gorse Fox had woken during the night. He realised there was an error in his spreadsheet. His gut was telling him the answer to his sums was out by a fairly significant amount. First thing he re-cast the whole page. It took an hour or two, but in the end it was much clearer, much easier to understand, and confirmed GF's unconscious detection of an error.

By late morning, GF had taken the Silver Vixen through the sums and we were satisfied that we had clarity. It was time to use some of the estimated costs and go to order some more of the furniture we had modelled for the new house. We returned to the New England furniture store and placed an order for some bedside tables (on which the Gorse Fox managed to drive a deal), a chest of drawers, and a coffee table. All are scheduled to be delivered the first or second week in September.

Then we pottered off to the fireplace showroom and confirmed our selections from the previous trip and arranged for a survey of the lounge. Again this is scheduled for the first or second week of September. It looks as if we will be busy!

Watched the Spurs vs Schalke04 match on TV. Good to see another pre-season win. Let's hope the season will be more successful than last. Whilst watch the game we got a text message from Urban-cub to tell us that as a result of her 8-mile walk yesterday (down in Dorset) she has a stress fracture of the foot and needs to go to hospital on Monday morning to determine whether a plaster is necessary.

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