Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Digit Extracted

Silver Vixen has heard from the Site Office. Openreach have extracted their collective digit and everything should be available tomorrow for GF to go online and arrange the transfer of services.

Fingers are, metaphorically, crossed.

Meanwhile GF has spent much of the day moving Direct Debits. He has adopted a 3 account approach; one main account, one account for monthly expenses, and one for annual expenses. This allows for a little more clarity and also makes optimal use of the various interest rates and cashback options available with the different accounts.

On the subject of cashback - GF found some old premium bonds last week and had them aggregated into his recent holding. This added the vast sum of £12 - but also revealed that £12 invested in 1957 has won no prizes whatsoever in the intervening 57 years.

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