Friday, August 29, 2014


The Gorse Fox is struck by contrasting articles in the papers today. 

On the one hand we find American soccer moms suing FiFA and US Soccer about the risks of heading the football. (The Gorse Fox notes that all the rest of the world, who have been playing soccer for many many years have had very little problem with this - the risk being very small).

In contrast we learn of the 9 year-old who shot and killed her gun-instructor. The Gorse Fox would observe that playing with guns is demonstrably more dangerous (nearly 9000 deaths in 2012) - yet there is no suit against the NRA or or manufacturers.

One might question, based on this simple analysis, whether there is really anything of great value that needs serious protection in the cranial cavities of these people. How about banning the big risks first then worry about the lesser and some would say optional risks.

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