Monday, August 11, 2014

Communication breakdown - it's always the same

The Gorse Fox phoned BT to arrange the transfer of services to the new property. It all seemed to be going rather well. The agent wasn't perplexed by the fact the post code had not yet been updated on their system. She asked for the developer, the plot number, and kept trying to help. In the end she had to give up, explaining that BT Openreach had to put the basic developer information on their system to start with. She suggested GF contact Openreach and gave hime the freephone number.

The Gorse Fox tried the Freephone number - which just would not connect. He decided this was something the developer should be doing and phoned the Sales Office to explain the dilemma. They said they would look into it and several hours later the Gorse Fox received a copy of an email where they were cajoling BT Openreach to see if they had further work to complete as the developer had provided all the basic plans and plot numbers long ago.

What was obvious was that the Sales plot number and the developers plot number were very different. GF decided to call BT again and go through the process once more - this time with the other plot number. Again a very helpful chap tried but failed to get any information that would allow him to enter the order. Again he suggested BT Openreach were the source of the problem and agin provided the Gorse Fox with the Freephone number.

Gorse Fox tried the number and once more it was unobtainable. A little bit of research however revealed a direct number for our local office. GF called and started to explain. The lady at the far end was not happy. GF was told that BT should not have provided the number and that anyway they could always enter the order against an unknown address. Gorse Fox maintained his equanimity and thanked her profusely for the help she had provided. She hung up.

Still haven't managed to arrange BT services at new house.

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The Gray Monk said...

Consider filing a complaint. Detailed, with masses of information, and then bombard them with a daily update 'requesting' an answer.

Alternately, write to your MP, local council and point to all the hype about 'every household having internet access'. Works for others, why not for you?