Sunday, August 31, 2014


Final coat of paint applied to garage floor this morning. It does look rather smart - but now Gorse Fox is wondering whether he shoud have painted the walls white also. That will have to wait now and become a future consideration or project.

With the Silver Vixen, Gorse Fox has been putting up the temporary window blinds so that we have a little privacy when we move in. As it is, Urban-cub is likely to be the first of us to sleep here. She is spending the day here and staying overnight on Monday so that we can move Jasper the cat over and limit the amount of disruption he gets from all the comings and goings during the packing and removals process.

Having become an expert in data centre moves, Gorse Fox has started the migration of the Fontwell data centre. He has chosen to do this by architectural affinity - thus, today, all the Windows PCs and laptops have been moved. This leaves only the IOS, osx, and remaining Linux systems to shift along with the network.

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