Wednesday, June 18, 2014


More progress made during the day - though it was at a snail's pace. Over 100 documents now nestling in the portfolio that GF will leave.

He received a call from Springbok, a colleague with whom had worked last year. Springbok is deeply disillusioned by work in his division of Starfleet. He has been interviewed by one of the managers in GF's division and was asking for the Gorse Fox's opinion. GF laid it on the line:

  • He would have professional, full-time managers, not professionals who had to fit in the management role round a full time-fee-earning role.
  • He would be expected to work hard, but he is measured against his 37 hour contract, not some arbitrary 44 hour expectation
  • His utilisation targets would be lower (55-70%, not 85%)
  • His division would be focussed on technology, and technologists were respected - as opposed to being cannon fodder in practise full of self-opinionated, ill-informed, project managers and fly-by-night consultants
  • Only expected to be away 3 nights a week, if at all
  • Some interesting roles in the pipeline

Seemed like a no-brainer to the Gorse Fox.

During the afternoon GF re-installed Silver Vixen's printer, switching it from USB to Wireless mode. This revealed that it had an Airprint feature, allowing printing directly from iPhones or iPads. Nice little bonus.

Talking of bonuses - GF received a voucher from Prezzo, the restaurant chain. This seemed like a good excuse, so GF and Silver Vixen headed for Arundel and enjoyed an Italian-themed meal. The surroundings were beautifully laid out in what was once a wine bar, if GF remembers correctly. Light oak panelling, lots of mirrors and a large orangery at the back, over what was once a courtyard. Very tastefully done. The food was good too!

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