Saturday, June 14, 2014


When we finally move in to the new house there will be a gaping hole in the living room. The house has a chimney and a space for a fireplace - but no actual grate or fire surround. It was time we gave this some consideration.

So it was that we headed to Ford where there is a large fireplace showroom. When the Gorse Fox says large, he means astonishingly large. We wandered around for an hour or two looking at the various offerings and trying to decide what would best suit the room. Unsurprisingly we both had similar thoughts and liked the same designs - but in a place that big, that didn't narrow things down significantly. We spoke with one of the assistants and he, clearly passionate about his job, took us back and forth between models explaining the features, the pros and the cons of each fire and each fire surround that fitted our ever developing criteria.

In the end we had chosen - now all we need is to get to the house so they can sort out the survey and fitting. GF is not sure how often the fire will be used, but it will be nice to have it there for the odd occasions we may need to top the heating up.

Meanwhile, back at home the Gorse Fox has finished going through the pension forms, and has had a chat with the HMRC to ensure he understands the tax position. He has one more number to complete on one form - which he will do on Monday after speaking to the Starfleet Pensions Trust... and then it will be sealed in an envelope and returned - decision made.

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