Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The day started with a request to convert an old file to GF's new format. There should be a straightforward way to do this, but MS Word has some quirks that do not allow a simple copy and paste from one template to another without compromising the styles that have been defined. Sometimes it works if the author has been consistent, but usually you end up with a mess that takes ages to unpick. GF adopts the approach that it is quicker to copy the data as unformatted text and then apply formatting-styles than it is to clean up the mess. It may have taken a couple of hours - but it is done, and complies with the template GF has defined (and all the US spelling has been corrected).

GF was pleased that Brazil finally switched up a gear and played some good football last night against Cameroon. The next round should be interesting with a Brazil-Chile game set up for the weekend

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