Friday, May 09, 2014


The Gorse Fox had not planned to achieve much today. He was expecting a very busy day handling calls and reviews related to bid he has been discussing.

As it happens, there were no significant calls and no reviews. Indeed the one call there was went something like this:
 "Hi Gorse Fox, can you be free to present to the client next week? We want to put the Programme Exec in front of them" was the opening gambit. 
"Well, the Gorse Fox could make time to present to the client, but not as the PE." came the counter. 
"Oh! Why is that?" the voice said, gearing up for an argument. 
"Well, the Programme is slated to start on 1st of July, right?" queried the Gorse Fox 
"Yes" came the reply 
"Well Gorse Fox retires on 4th July." Checkmate.
There was a stunned silence at the end of the phone. Then a sheepish "I can't really argue with that, can I?"

Anyway, being geared up for calls and discussions, GF has not really been mentally attuned to the continued development of his project asset portfolio. As a result he has only managed to add about 5 items to the "done" pile... leaving 128 to work through. Today, clearly, is not going to be the day.

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