Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday, ahhh Monday

The Gorse Fox is beginning to savour Mondays. After all there are only a few more to go before they become part of his weekend. Today was no different - GF was committed to help out by writing up the contract for the bid he has been reviewing... and throughout the morning he was sent a number of previously used samples. This made life a lot easier as he didn't have to invent from scratch. He made good progress, but there is more to do tomorrow.

He finished the day responding to an email from Taiwan. It's funny how the problems we are dealing with here seem to translate all over the world. The issue to addressed was the same as that we are handling here in the UK, the same as that GF reviewed in Madrid, the same as that GF reviewed in Brazil... and now seems to be a challenge for Taiwan.

Talking of Brazil, Roy Hodgson named the England squad for the World Cup in Rio. I must say that I think he has made some good and brave decisions. There is a small cadre of experienced players to provide stability - but also a large contingent of new young players who have done well this season in the domestic game. I think it could be an interesting tournament... and can't wait for it to start.

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