Thursday, May 29, 2014

Middle Earth

The Gorse Fox had an early start. He had a meeting in Starfleet's offices in Middle Earth. He was delighted by how quiet the traffic seemed - forgetting that it was half term and therefore many people were on holiday.

Once he had arrived in Middle Earth, breakfast was the first priority and whilst heading for the restaurant he bumped into the Mighty Atom. It was nice to see him, though we didn't have long to chat. Maybe next week we will get longer as GF is teaching in Middle Earth for much of the week.

The meeting that GF was there to attend went well and it is clear that the work he has been doing was well appreciated. We went through the outstanding items, and agreed a policy for each of them and also prioritised the key documents.

The journey home was less successful - a broken down lorry on the slip road from the M40 to A34 causing a 90 minute delay.

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