Thursday, May 01, 2014

Home office

It was a busy day in the home office.

It started with the Gorse Fox reviewing documents and spreadsheets prepared for a bid to new client, a bid which GF would be reviewing later in the morning. As usual the problem in a case like this is making sense of the mountains of data that have been provided. Fortunately, GF has the spreadsheet he developed in Brazil for just such an occasion, and pressed this into service. He was then able to review the data in any sequence and develop his questions for later, allowing the spreadsheet to pull the data into a sensible sequence.

The bid review started and it was clear that GF's homework had paid off. He was able to debate and contribute to the bid thinking from the outset. The team had done a good job, but there remained a few areas where GF recommended further discussions and clarifications with the client.

Most of the rest of the day was spent on GF's pet project - creating a full repository of assets for a large programme with the proper structure and common look and feel. This is becoming a "cause celebre" as news leaks out and people start to ask for copies, even if only a subset.

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