Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Funny Old Day

It's a funny old day - moments of intense activity, and periods of relative boredom. Contract writing is now finished, and GF has given some advice regarding presentation to the client. GF has now washed his hands of this work.

Urban-cub turned up. The Gorse Fox had bought tickets for the Silver Vixen and Urban-cub to go and see the dancers, Vincent and Flavia. The tickets have been stuck to the fridge for months - but the day has finally arrived. They headed off to Woking, late morning. GF got an email from U-c a few minutes ago to say what wonderful seats they had and they were getting quite excited.

U-c also returned the old Samsung Netbook she had been borrowing. She had warned the Gf a while back that some liquid had been spilled and the keyboard was not working. GF has found a local business that will refurbish it for him, so he'll drop the Netbook off on Friday. It will be nice to get it working fully again, now that he's got it back... and will have to return his work laptop soon.

GF is finding it hard to "get stuck in" this afternoon.

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