Friday, May 30, 2014

Err, you know you...

The Gorse Fox got a call at lunch time.
"Hello, it's Captain Jean-Luc Picard here, how are you?"
"Fine thanks. How can I help?" GF replied.
"Well. It's just a thought but...."
"Yes. Go on." GF's warning antennae started to twitch
"You know you are retiring on 4th July."
"Well, you wouldn't fancy coming back on contract for 6 months or so. would you? We'll make it worth your while."
He then went on to quote the contract rates for someone like the Gorse Fox. And it would probably mean spending a fair bit of time in Madrid, which is an attractive thought (if the Silver Vixen could come along - but then what about the Jasper the cat). It was hard not to be tempted, but then the Gorse Fox isn't driven by money. He promised he would think about it, but in the next breath suggested that Deep Blue would be another very capable candidate.

Thinking about it, Jasper the Cat could probably take on one of the Project Management roles. Based on recent experiences he would be just as effective.

GF and Deep Blue had a long chat over Facetime. GF felt he should brief him, in case the call came in. In doing so he found out that the Scottish Project is worried they don't have a particular strategy defined - and here they are 12 months into the programme. GF pointed out they do - because GF wrote it, and pointed Deep Blue at the document. A few minutes reading and it was clear this addressed just the sort of things they wanted - but because they never listened to a word GF said - they didn't know they had it. If only Jasper the Cat had been there!

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