Sunday, May 04, 2014

Driving around

Three test drives were scheduled for today. The first was at the Ford garage, providing us with an opportunity to try out the Fiesta again - this time with an automatic gearbox. The Silver Vixen took the wheel and we swept off towards Bosham. She took to the car easily and though we had to fiddle with the seat position - she was very happy with the car. GF, in turn, took the wheel and found it to be a very solid ride, and the the gearbox to be smooth and balanced. It is easy to see why so many reviews recommend it, and why it has won so many "Car of the Year" plaudits.

Stopping off at home for a coffee, we then headed into Worthing. The Nissan dealer had the Qashquai waiting for us and we took to the roads. Again, this was a test of the auto, having tested the car itself a few weeks ago. Despite the car's size the auto was seamless and responsive. It was ideal. The Silver Vixen took the wheel and it was clear she was completely at home. In fact she wanted to take the car there and then. The family car is effectively chosen now.

Finally, we test drove the Nissan Note. It was nice enough, and certainly more roomy than the Fiesta. We followed the same route that we had in the Qashqai, again swapping drivers half-way. Whilst we both found it easy enough to drive, it somehow didn't match up to the Fiesta.

Back home the spreadsheet was updated, then the brochures were re-examined over tea and cake in the garden. There isn't much else we can do now until the retirement date an pension details are finally confirmed.

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