Sunday, May 11, 2014

Domestic Day

As we struggle on without any domestic staff (you just cannot get people of the right calibre any more), the day has been dedicated to chores.

There was no mechanic available, so GF took the larger wagon down to a nearbyMotor Garage in order to check the amount of air that was nestling within the tyres. Then we had to return and GF helped the Silver Vixen with some mail - as she no longer has a secretary to relied on. Having printed various forms regarding the sale of her mother's country residence, Gorse Fox left he to it.

Then without a housemaid, GF mucked-in to help with some ironing. He did this whilst watching the football, so it was no real hardship.

It is clear that this is unsustainable, however, and next time GF travels to the north, he will have to see if he can employ some more domestic staff.

Highlight of the day was a call from Beloved Aunt. Just a general chat and catch-up, but really must try to find an opportunity to head to the distant areas of the Commonwealth and visit her.

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