Friday, May 23, 2014


The Gorse Fox worries about the effect of social media. It has so many positive aspects, but it does seem to draw some desperately unpleasant behaviours out of people.

The Election on Thursday was a case in point. Reading through some of the comment on the social media it was depressing that so much vitriol and bile could be spewed at anyone who took a differing view from that of the commentator.

GF believes his views are fairly middle-of-the-road and balanced, but is interested to see reasoned debate on alternative views. All he actually saw was demonstrations of filthy language and bullying.

The empirical evidence of these outpourings show the total intolerance that those on left seem to have, and their ability to ignore or deny facts whilst spreading disinformation. Gorse Fox is sure it is not limited to those supporters of the left... but they were by far the majority involved yesterday. It always worries the Gorse Fox that there is a group in society who seem to base their ideology on sharing the wealth of others, without the aspiration of working to achieve wealth of their own. This destructive "politics of envy" is divisive and self-defeating, and like the emotion of hate it feeds on its followers.

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