Monday, April 28, 2014

Real Work

Today was back to real work, rather than the teaching of the past couple of weeks.

Now, by real work, the Gorse Fox does not mean deep-pit mining, road building, fire-fighting, or indeed anything that would constitute or imply heavy labour. No, anyone that knows the Gorse Fox would realise that would be a silly concept. What he means is that he spent the day at the computer increasing the portfolio of documents and intellectual assets that underline the area of computing services in which he currently specialises. He suspects that this will be the theme for the week.

Meanwhile, judging from the emails he has seen from his commander, Starfleet may just have dropped his retirement request through the gaps. This seems to have induced a degree of panic in the Starfleet management who have now restarted the process.


The Gray Monk said...

What? They've suddenly realised they are about to 'lose' their most valuable 'Human Asset'?


The Gorse Fox said...

We can kid ourselves - but methinks GF is just a cog in a wheel and the gears are ready to change!