Sunday, April 06, 2014

Pottering around

The Gorse Fox has been pottering about on the computers. Some reviewing of the (private) master blog got him thinking. At the moment this is hosted on his MAC - but wouldn't it be better to have a dedicated server?

So he started to look at the Raspberry Pi again and this got hime reading various write-ups and and the results of other peoples experiments. It seems like a feasible approach - but GF still has a few reservations.

  • By default the Pi uses an SDCard as its storage. GF would rather have something more flexible.
  • If he continues to use Wordpress as the blogging platform he will need MySQL for the DB.
  • Should the DB server be on the same machine or should he set up a separate MySQL server?
  • Can he make the MySQL service (wherever he chooses to install it) use his external NAS device as a storage repository.

Lots of thinking needed, and then a final decision that will allow him to continue (fairly) seamlessly and with the data security and protection he requires.

In the midst of this deliberation he did manage to have a chat with Cousteau-cub for the first time in several weeks. It was good to hear from her and learn that, whilst very busy and quite tired, she isn't feeling too bad.

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