Tuesday, April 29, 2014


There are days when you have to make choices. Not life-changing choices, but design choices. The Gorse Fox has had such a day.

The reality of working in Starfleet is that we have to use various tools to do our jobs - but tools that Starfleet themselves create are not available to us. So it is that the Gorse Fox is try to bend Excel to his will and develop an easily maintained, but dynamically adaptable spreadsheet to define the structure of the way in which we run these large-scale programmes.

He has now developed three separate approaches, each of which has its advantages, and each has its disadvantages. Now he has to balance these designs and chose the best. That can be a choice for another day.

Watched the Bayern Munich -v- Real Madrid Champions League semi-final tonight - what and excellent game, and satisfying result.

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