Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The Gorse Fox was collected from his hotel about 0830 and stopping to pick up some colleagues we headed out to a suburb called Campinas. Traffic was unbelievable, and the Gorse Fox suspects that the rods were planned by droping a bowl of spaghetti onto a map. He is convinced that some of the road networks probably end in knots. There seems to be no way to get around using logic or dead reckoning. Gorse Fox suspects that a London cabbie would actually explode in the face of such a network.

The first meetings were in an older data centre which, whilst in a rather dangerous area, was highly secure and really rather interesting. It was a series of concrete buildings surrounded by walkways and ramps leading through tropical gardens to the offices. All of the walkways were covered at a very high level to provide shade from the hot sun and protection from the tropical rains.

Gorse Fox and his colleagues completed our interviews then headed for a very plush shopping centre for lunch. The Gorse Fox had assumed this would be nearby, but it was about 45 minutes drive through some rather dodgy areas before reaching the expensive part of the suburb. It was a reall nice shopping centre, very similar to many the Gorse Fox has seen in the US.

AFter lunch we burrowed back into the traffic in order to get back to office we visited yesterday. Again the traffic was incredible but Arnaldo had a knack of zigging and zagging acoss lanes, and using bus lanes, and pushing his way across the traffic to make the one and three quarter hors both terrifying and memorable.

final interview was fun. We had expected a tough time. Gorse Fox believes that you should always try and make contact at the human level before the business connection clicks. He spent a few minutes making that connection and actualy got the chap to the point he was joking with us. From then on, the meeting went very smoothly.

a good day

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