Monday, March 24, 2014

That's better

 A solid 9 hours sleep make a significant difference to you opeartional capacity. The Gorse Fox is feeling keyed up and ready to rock - unfortunately his host has phoned to delay things by an hour. So he's stuck in the starting blocks at present, waiting for the metaphorical gun.

Gorse Fox can see the Starfleet bulding from the hotel, but has been warned about walking in the area. He will await his host as the teleportation devices aren't working.

As an aside, this hotel seems very popular with flight crew. There seems to be a daily influx of crew from at least a couple of airlines.


Well it's 13 hours later and it has been a long day in the office (and the Gorse Fox would say how nice the Starfleet offices are in São Paulo). Must say that the day was quite stimulating and tomorrow look interesting too. However the Gorse Fox is being picked up at 07:00 which seems a little excessive.

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