Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Surrey again

The Gorse Fox was in Surrey again today. Interestingly the project has finally got a new Programme Director - and it is someone GF used to work with back in the late 90s. It was nice to see him again and will be nice to have someone at the helm who can distinguish between a large muscular area at the bottom of the spine and a hinged joint in the arm.

Meanwhile the saga of the person unhappy with the appraisal ticks on. GF has been archive emails from each of his former team... typically about 40 emails over the year. Not this person, though. 385 emails in six months! Rarely has he come across a more joyless, and cantankerous individual who seems to revel in confrontation and offence even when none is there. Said individual was born in the wrong time. Said individual would have been better suited to being a shop steward in the 1970s.

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