Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Out and about

So the Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen headed for Brighton. The Silver Vixen had an appointment to fulfil and the Gorse Fox killed some time wandering around the shops. Once back together we settled down for a coffee and plotted out the rest of the day.

First stop was JB's American Diner where we planned a light lunch.

This didn't quite work out. To start with, we headed the wrong way along the front before realising we had missed it and turned back. Then we settled down with the menu. Something light. Maybe a club sandwich? Would that be enough? We decided to have a starter.

Mistake. The starter was big enough that GF left half of his. When the club sandwich turned up, GF marvelled that one waitress could carry it alone. It looked as if it would need at least two people - or one person with a trolley. Silver Vixen had ordered the same and was finding it difficult to see the Gorse Fox over the top of hers.

Needless to say, we did not finish.

Next stop was Bersted Park and an opportunity to touch base with the developers of the new house. Clearly all is still going well and it was nice to catch up on all the latest news. We now know who our neighbours will be. Indeed, it turns out that we met them on one of earlier and spent quite some time chatting with them.

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