Friday, March 28, 2014


The morning was spent in the office up on the nineteenth floor. Slowly the revisions began to take place and the presentation deck summarising the week's review came together. We went through slide by slide and in the end we were happy.

Lunch called. The Gorse Fox does like the fact that the Brazillians take time to go to lunch - and to be fair the Starfleet canteen serves a good selection of salads, hot food, grills and sweets. To give a sense of scale - in the Starfleet restaurant in London the are 4 cashier stations and usually only 1 or 2 cashiers. Here in São Paulo there are 14 and all are manned.
The view from 19th floor

Fabio headed to the client site and would call with details of when we would be required. The Gorse Fox returned to the 19th floor and got on with other work. Finally the message came through. They were happy with what the Gorse Fox said yesterday and he wouldn't be required. Great... just too ate to switch back to his original flight. Now he has 24 hours to twiddle his thumbs.

Back in the hotel the Gorse Fox took the opportunity to phone the Silver Vixen as it was still early enough. Must say that he is looking forward to getting home.

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