Sunday, March 30, 2014


Eleven hours seems like a long time to hang in the air.

The young lad in the next seat was on his way home after six weeks travelling with friends. His friends had budgeted day by day, but 33B had decided to have fun. As a result he had blown £9500 in six weeks and was now going home to get a job and earn some more money - his friends were still in South America enjoying their travels. GF suspects there is a message there somewhere.

GF's UK taxi driver was waiting for him as he emerged from immigration and customs, and we were soon on our way on the highways and byways of Surrey and Sussex and GF couldn't help but contrast the driving styles he had experienced over the previous 24 hours. And for that matter, the density of the traffic. M25 early on Sunday is quite a contrast to Sao Paulo early on a Saturday afternoon.

GF got in just after nine in the morning and after a good cup of tea and a shower was soon feeling human.

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