Saturday, March 22, 2014

Herding cats

The Gorse Fox made his way to the gate, along with half the population of Brazil. The instruction said to take a seat and await the announcement of your row. Only a few complied and the gate crew were loosing control. It was clear that herding cats would be infinitely more simple. Gorse Fox's fellow passengers were an elemental force and were as excitable as school kids on additives. Careful analysis told the Gorse Fox that the staff should have been issued with megaphones, whips, and cattle prods.

When finally it was time to board the chaos got worse. Travellers seemed to wander to the vicinity of their seat and then stand chatting in aisle rather than let people through. Gorse Fox finally got to his seat and found that he could just get a sheet of paper between his knees and the seat in front, and anyone who has ever had a sqaure meal would find the seat width tight. Oh yes, and person in front has just reclined her seat and in doing so thrust the ipad up the Gorse Fox's nose.

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