Monday, March 31, 2014

Finishing the job

As the Gorse Fox was enjoying another pre-retirement practice day, he pottered. The first serious action of the day was to put the doors on the shelving unit he had put assembled a few weeks ago. The Silver Vixen's unit is now complete.

An inordinate amount of time was also spent trying to get all the photos from the trip into Picasa. This all used to be so easy on the Windows machine, but somehow the MAC conspires to make life difficult if you do not choose to use the Apple applications. It's all done now, but was unnecessarily time-consuming.

Here's a glimpse of Sao Paulo looking north east from the Starfleet building

This second panorama is looking south west.

As you can see it is just a forest of high-rise apartment and office blocks as far as the eye can see. (In the bottom photo the road disappears into the Ayrton Senna tunnel, which carries the traffic under the park).

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