Sunday, March 23, 2014


The democratisation of travel has resuted in some great benefits for the world, but has also thrown up some disadvantages. Some cases in point make you wonder if some travellers should be out without supervision. As we queued in the interminable immigration line at São Paulo (2 747s full of passengers and only 3 immigration staff on duty for non-Brazillian visitors), the Gorse Fox overheard a discussion.

A "sweet young man", probably in his late twenties (clearly a Civil Servant judging by some of his other comments) admitted that he had gone to a a corner shop and asked the proprietor to get him a cabbage - admitting that while he had eaten cabbage he didn't know what they looked like. He then went on to explain to a nearby middle-aged couple how a cabbage is like a really dense lettuce.

Eventually the Gorse Fox was through and marched out into the arrivals hall. Mr. Pedro was there waiting and Gorse Fox slipped into the back of his car and headed off for the hotel. Unfortunately, it so early that there were no rooms ready, so Gorse Fox is waiting in the lounge to get a key, a shower, and some (additional) sleep having only managed a few fitfull hours on the plane.

Weather has been a bit overcast so far, and there have been a couple of light showers. Temperature is pleasant at 21c... and the Gorse Fox can see some blue patches in the sky to the west.

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