Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back in Surrey

It was a foggy start, which made the drive up to the wastelands of Surrey a little more interesting. Gorse Fox's current audiobook drew to an end, and a new one began.

The Surrey project was expecting an influx of new (contractor) architects and GF was there to meet them. In the end a meet-and-greet turned in to an all workshop (rather unexpectedly). Seems like we have a good bunch, and they seem to have been chosen well. We spent time talking about what was expected, working for Starfleet, the Gorse Fox described the process by which such projects are run. A German colleague then provided a briefing on the client and the project itself, at which point we brought in the project managers that the newbies will work with.

Overall - a good day.

Was please to see an old colleague as GF prepared to leave the building. GF stopped and had a chat about the good old days and various colleagues with whom we had worked twenty or so years ago. It was funny since he had been re-reading an old diary, at the weekend, discussing a business trip he had taken to New York and Chicago with some of those very people.

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