Wednesday, February 05, 2014


The flat tyre and GF's inherent laziness (couldn't be bothered to change the wheel) kept him trapped at home today. New tyres are ordered and should be fitted tomorrow - but for now, he's trapped. Given the state of the weather, this is no bad thing.

He continues to have trouble with one of the appraisals from last year. This is becoming a saga, and will in future times be sung about in the great epic poems of Starfleet. For now, he has to maintain his equanimity and try to shut this issue down.

GF was interested in the LibDem Party Political Broadcast regarding the European Elections. Even in the world of politics, it is rare you see such dissembling and such assertion that possible future scenarios are absolute fact. He must conclude that of the three major parties, the LibDems seem the least trustworthy. The Labour Party seem the least capable, having historically created economic chaos every time they have been in power since the 1960s. Interesting how both of these parties worked to crush the referendum bill that would give the electorate a say in the Country's future. The GF is not sure which way he would vote in such a referendum - there are arguments for and against. But he bitterly resents the self-serving political pygmies who believe the electorate should not have a vote.

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The Gray Monk said...

I stand with you on the subject of Parliament denying us the right to decide the future direction (and governance) of the country. In this day an age Parliament should not be 'above the people' to the extent it is. That said, as a Brit residing in Europe, I can see a future benefit to all of Britain by remaining within the EU, though a reformed one. I do not believe the UK (or the rump of it once Scotland digs that trench across the island from Berwick to Barrow) can continue as a major economic power alone. We've sold off the family silver, we've sold off all our industries, even our power generation and the only thing left is the banks - and we've sold the biggest and richest of them to offshore investors as well. We can be part of a large economy and share in the prosperity that will come once all the recovering former socialist and communist members get sorted out, or we can 'opt out' and condemn ourselves to picking up the crumbs. At present I see the anti-EU brigade being orchestrated by a small group of 'little Englanders' ably aided and abetted by the idiots in the civil service who use every Directive from Brussells as an excuse to further entrench themselves with gold plated and Gestapo like adherence to 'rules' which do not get the same attention or treatment in the rest of Europe.

Sadly, I suspect, if there were a referendum - Britain would leave the EU and scupper itself.