Saturday, February 08, 2014

Just Checking (Will Ark be required?)

The rain continues. Given how flat the land is, and how low-lying it is where the new house is being built, the Gorse Fox thought it would be worth checking up on a) progress,  b) whether there is any flooding, and c) whether an ark may be required.

Though it was a muddy and slippery walk to get to a vantage point from which the Gorse Fox could check, it was clear that progress had been made and we now had a tiled roof and the windows were being fitted.

Unfortunately they seem to be building some hoardings that partially block the view - but it is heartening to see progress despite the dreadful weather. With the house now, essentially, water-tight they can at least continue to work through most weather conditions.

The next encouraging sign was that whilst the bund, on which the Gorse Fox stood, was muddy - there was no untoward build up of water. Indeed the balancing pond was still at least a metre below the edge.

The conclusion to be drawn is that the area, though flat and low-lying, is not likely to flood - and the Gorse Fox will not have to build an ark.

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