Tuesday, February 04, 2014


It was an excellent day in the Starfleet office in Surrey. GF had time to collate some of the information that he had received from various sources. This was beginning to take some shape. Many of the team were in South Africa for week of workshops - but teleconference facilities allowed us to join in where needed.

The dreadful traffic at leaving time, in that part of Surrey, encouraged the Gorse Fox to try and find an alternative route home. SatNav duly programmed, he set off. The first part of the route was fine, but the overview provided by the display is not really detailed enough and GF had not noticed some of the finer points of the route selection!

These finer points were such that GF headed out in a different direction and then after a longer detour looped back round into the heavy traffic he had been trying to avoid. Doh!

To add insult to injury (or in fact, the other way round) as the GF approached the final mile of the journey home - he struck a pothole that ripped his front nearside tyre. It was the second time of the way home that he had hit a bone-jarring pothole - but this one was destructive. Not amused, he limped home. This would have to be fixed tomorrow, he wasn't going to touch it tonight.


Patrick Cox said...

A claim for damage to the local authority responsible for the pothole perhaps?

Sounds as if Starfleet is downsizing or outsourcing from your previous posts. Is this anything to do with the UK Government's reported wish to drop the use of Microslosh?

The Gorse Fox said...

Starfleet is not outsourcing (indeed it is one of their strengths - we will run planets for any indigenous population who don't wish to run their own). We are, however, continually rebalancing out skills and property portfolio, and this means there are more people now working on client sites. Consequently there is a smaller requirement for large office complexes.