Saturday, February 01, 2014


We went to Buckingham to meet with the family and start to sort out the effects of the Silver Vixen's mother. Urban-cub came along to help. We had a major clear out a couple of years ago, so the task should not have been too daunting.

Several hours later we had taken over 40 bags to the recycling centre, a further 20 to the clothes bank, and provided enough metallic items (knives, forks, saucepans, racks, etc) to melt down and build and inshore patrol vessel.

Finally there was a sort through the material that could be kept. This created a further 6 bags for the tip, and a similar number for the charity shop. It also raised the spectre of defeat. Our downsizing exercise of last year being significantly undone as more and more stuff found its way into our car.

It was a long day, but everyone worked hard, and it was a job well done.

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