Sunday, February 16, 2014


Well not really.

The Gorse Fox was actually playing with his Raspberry Pi for much of the day. Like most computers - the initial set-up is one step that tends to go fairly smoothly. From then on you have to install the various components and software packages that enable you to use the machine the way you wanted.

As you would expect, the Gorse Fox has been painstakingly documenting this (so that he can easily build more Raspberry Pis in the future) but it is clear that his attention to detail is not always matched by those who provide the products he requires. So it was that GF ground to a halt - unable to work out the instructions in the supporting manual. Question has now been asked of the community that supports the code. And so he waits.

Was hoping to catch Cousteau-cub online to get the latest news from her trip to Trang, but didn't manage to catch her.

GF has been looking at his vacation records and realises that he can take a day off each week from now until April (when the Starfleet vacation year finishes).

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