Monday, January 20, 2014

Write ups

The Gorse Fox has succeeded in finishing the write-ups for all his staff appraisals. Now he just has to deliver them. But as his staff a pretty fine bunch, he will be able to do this over the phone, throughout the week.

A couple of lunchtime calls saw the Gorse Fox talking with the Spanish project and the German members of the local project. Interesting in the latter case as the architect seems to think he can carry the whole design in his head - and doesn't have time to write it down. Then he complains he is stressed. The GF said he would help - but the first thing was to start a spreadsheet that recorded all the fleeting questions and ideas so that he didn't have to try and remember them. This seemed like an epiphany and had not previously occurred to him.

He notices that in his old job (where he is still thought of as the Service Area Team leader - with a rising headcount - now 170) that the level of utilisation expected of his people would have increased by 5%. When you calculate this using the old methods from last year this actually means that you would have to bill every working day of the year + 1 day of your vacation. He suspects Starfleet needs to adjust its sights as that is clearly unsustainable... unless the basis of the measurement has changed.

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