Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Starfleet, Madrid

Nice day in Starfleet Madrid. Nice to be in decent building rather than the usual dilapidated old shack that we seem to think is appropriate in the UK. It had a lovely restaurant also where the Gorse Fox chose what he thought was pasta verdi with bacon - only it truned out to be big, chopped runner beans in garlic and bacon. Probably a mistake that he will not repeat.

Local project team were very hospitable, and not at all defensive (as teams often can be when being reviewed by an external party). The Gorse Fox is meeting up with Capt. Picard in a few minutes to review today's findings.

Had a call from Deep Blue. Currently under pressure to join the Gorse Fox's last project. Thought the the Gorse Fox should do the decent thing and warned him off the vortex of despair that it had become.

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