Saturday, January 18, 2014

Seeing clearly

The morning  was occupied by a few chores and a trip through the marvels of the interweb to look at designs for orangeries, and possible suppliers. There may be a number of months to go, but we need to start considering a design.

The afternoon meant a trip to Chichester. Firstly stopping at a supplier of orangeries and conservatories to see what ideas they had. Whilst they refer to it as a showroom - it only had 3 or 4 displays in all. A bit disappointing, but the quality was good.

The best part of the trip was picking up some new spectacles which were obtained free of charge - despite their usual price being £650. A scratch on the lens of the Gorse Fox's usual pair caused the optician to order replacement lenses under warranty and as GF had a spare set of frames he had the lenses fitted in there.

We finished off the trip with a raid on M&S to renew and extend the Gorse Fox's extensive collection of underwear and shirts. Most of the former being relatively antique by now, and most of the latter suffering wear and tear to the collars.

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