Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ring, ring....

The Gorse Fox has spent the whole day on the phone - only the shortest of gaps between calls has permitted comfort to be maintained.

  • There have been several annual appraisals.
  • There have been interviews.
  • There have been presentations on review findings.
  • There has been a resource assessment call.
  • There has been a project planning call (as if the Gorse Fox could contribute to that !)

Ears are now having a rest.

GF was thinking that one of the projects with which he is involved is truly international - a South African company for who Starfleet in the UK runs Data Centres in Germany using resources in Poland, Czech Republic and India, and the first part of the system we will move is for Latin America so that they can complete the merger of an Australian company.

While on the last call of the day, GF was able to dig into the Office of National Statistics website. Urban-cub had been trying to find out how many over 50s there were in the South East. She phoned the Gorse Fox (he assumes that as he is over 50, she thought he might know them all). It took a bit of digging around, but based on the latest published data there are 3,168,868 over 50s in the South East (which excludes London). That is out of a total population of just over 8,000,000; so quite a sizeable proportion.

Back on the road tomorrow.

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