Thursday, January 09, 2014

Old days

It really was like the old days. The Gorse Fox and Capt. Picard commenced their reviews and then as it approached midday they were escorted out to a near by coffee shop for chuuros and coffee. Very agreeable.

Back in th office we completed the review and were again escorted out to a street-side restaurant for lunch. An hour or two later, Capt Picard was getting twitchy as he had to get to the airport. We left one of our hosts to finish the next course of the meal and the other host drove us to the airport. This is how business used to be done. This was most convivial, and the Gorse Fox was pleased to say that the review team have been invited back.

Now he is sitting in the VIP Lounge at Madrid airport waiting for his plane, nibbling on some peanuts and enjoying a quiet G&T.

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