Thursday, January 02, 2014


The Gorse Fox, though still on vacation, logged on to his Starfleet system. There was travel to arrange for next week - and so he used the Starfleet Online Travel Reservation system to arrange flights and hotels. This went without a hitch, and the trick he developed last year of pre-selecting seats in rows 1-5 means that he should still get speedy boarding.

Whilst there he checked his email and sees that the Division in which he has been working is reorganising again. What a relief that he is moving on. It is clear the the "Innovation Services" group of consultants and designers is being further marginalised as people are allocated to specific pan-European industry-focussed divisions. This is the usual woolly thinking from the centre... believing in industry specialisation. This is where innovation gets stifled as there is no longer the cross-fertilisation of ideas as people move from finance to insurance, and insurance to media, and public sector to aerospace and so forth. However, the Gorse Fox shouldn't be surprised - if this group of "leaders" had been that brilliant then Starfleet wouldn't have bought them for small-change ten years ago. (They did have some good technical people and some good consultants, but they too have really been marginalised).

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