Friday, January 17, 2014


Most of today was spent reviewing and discussing the outcome of reviews. Firstly it was a review of an annual appraisal and the way in which a person's utilisation was measured. Though controversial, the Gorse Fox believes we have arrived at a fair position.

Next it was a project review, the output from which has to go to some Starfleet Execs. Then it was a tooling review to evaluate and discuss the current home-built tool that many of our projects are using. Sophisticated though it is, it is based on a competitor's product - and thus seems a perverse selection. The strategy going forward will be up to the Gorse Fox, it was decided. (Right answer).

In parallel with all of this Gorse Fox was drawing a series of document maps to illustrate the flow and precedence of information through the lifecycle of one of our migrations. Now having his own A3 printer, it was possible to print these out and look at them as a whole. What this has high-lighted is a few gaps in some areas, and some repetition in others.

All in all, a very good week.

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